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Nanoblocktime. You Decide. Your Design.

By fusing the elements of Nanoblock together with a timepiece, Nanoblocktime lets you build your own custom watch designs. Each Nanoblocktime watch comes with an assortment of Nanoblocks and different strap styles, so you can personalize your watch the way you want. “Wow” people with your creativity and have fun with these one-of-a-kind timepieces!


Quality Timepiece on the Inside, Nanoblock on the Outside

Don’t let the awesome Nanoblock exterior fool you, Nanoblocktime watches are real timepieces.  The inner workings of each Nanoblocktime watch are made by the Seiko Group and contain high quality quartz movement. So you’re getting a serious timepiece on the inside and an outlet for self-expression and fun on the outside.


What is Nanoblock?

Nanoblock is a miniature building block, with the smallest blocks measuring just 4x4 millimeters. These building blocks have been around in Japan since 2008 and are the micro versions Diablocks, the popular blocks that have been adored in that country for over 50 years. The small and precise sizes of Nanoblocks make them perfect for building and creating on Nanoblocktime watches. Your eye-catching designs with the colorful Nanoblocks are bound to impress!